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Charitable Trust

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Clarrie Stevens Law Scholarship

On the 9th May the Rua & Clarrie Stevens Charitable Trust celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Clarrie Stevens Law Scholarship.  To mark this special occasion the Trust travelled down to the Dunedin (the roots of the Trust) and were kindly hosted by the University of Otago Law Faculty.

This was a fantastic evening and an absolute tribute to the University of Otago and in particular, our host for the evening, Mark Henaghan (Dean of the Law Faculty).

The three members of the Law Panel (two prominent Dunedin Lawyers (Geoff Thomas and Roger Macassey) and John Smillie, Professor of Law) were present to see this years very worthy recipient, Nicola Tennent receive the Scholarship.

The Trust was also very pleased to present a Special Anniversary Gift to the Dunedin Community Law Centre in recognition of Joan Bethia Chadwick, Clarrie’s former Legal Secretary.

Many thanks to the Mark and the University of Otago for a wonderful evening!

Lee, Penny, Darren and Iftikhar

Trustees/Advisory Trustees

This years recipient, Nicola Tennent, with Lee.

Iftikhar, Penny, Nicola, Lee and Darren.

Meghan Zetko of the Dunedin Community Law Centre with Iftikhar and Darren.

Lee and Penny with Mark Henaghan, Dean of the Law Faculty and our host for the evening.

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