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January 2010


Self-esteem expert invites NZ women to be themselves

Self-esteem is a loaded subject for most women.

While we know it’s essential for happiness and success, it’s not a topic for the faint-hearted and forces us to examine our true feelings about ourselves.

Dr Christina Berton, a self-esteem expert whose work in Mexico has reached thousands of women and girls, visited New Zealand recently to spread the word about the power of female self-esteem.

The Liberty of Being Me is a newly launched DVD filmed during this visit and invites women to think about their self-esteem, truly valuing themselves and how their empowerment can help themselves and those around them.

“True and honest self acceptance… really believing that this is who I am, and that it’s ok to be who I am… that’s what we all strive for,” says Christina.

Available via for $15 +p&p, The Liberty of Being Me provides insights into how we can grapple with our issues and improve our self-esteem – and why it’s so crucial.

The link between low self-esteem and social problems is globally researched and documented including domestic violence, eating disorders and addictions.

“In a country where one in three women become a victim of violence at some stage in their life, we need to make sure our own self-esteem is healthy, and prepare our daughters and young people to face challenges,” says Penny Stevens of the R&C Stevens Charitable Trust which funded Dr Berton’s tour.

Christina Berton is the founder of the Amara Pro Self-Esteem Foundation in Mexico and has served on the board of the Dove Self-Esteem Foundation. 

In March 2010 she will be returning to New Zealand to establish the Mothers and Daughters program, based on the successful model she has developed at the Amara Foundation.                                                                                                          Ends


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