Rua & Clarrie Stevens
Charitable Trust

Est 1970

The greater part in us will never die’

Text Box: Trust Background

The Trust was initially set up in 1970 by Clarrie Stevens and his son Lee to commemorate the life of his wife Rua, following her death from Leukaemia.  When Clarrie died (25 years  to the day after Rua’s death) a decision was made to commemorate them both through the work of this memorial trust.

Since the Trust was established, we have endeavoured to create a real human identity to the work of our Trust, establishing a special ‘Family of Beneficiaries’ that each, in their own way, contribute to the ‘special characteristics’, of our vibrant NGO sector. 

The Trustees also regard the concept of providing ongoing funding (subject to funding availability) as an integral part of the Trust’s ethos.  The Trustees recognise that with a modestly sized Trust such as ours, to remain effective we need to consolidate on the core passions of the Trust.  This ‘boutique’ approach enables us to create closer, more reciprocal relationships with our grantees.

Core Passions

The Arts:  Rua derived enormous enjoyment from the Arts during her lifetime, particularly the Ballet.  Both Lee and Clarrie determined from the onset that arts would benefit from the Memorial Trust.

Education:  This support recognises Rua’s love of early childhood education and Clarrie’s love of law.  Two scholarships have been established in the memory of both Rua and Clarrie.

Youth:  Both Lee and Penny are very grass roots focused in their grant making.  Each time they meet with our grantees they come away uplifted, inspired and so positive about where communities in Aotearoa are heading.

Faith Based Giving:  Both Rua and Clarrie had strong Christian values.  Rua was a regular church attendee whilst Clarrie often quoted texts from the bible and lived those texts in his daily life.

Community:  What is so exciting and encouraging is these grass/flax roots NGOs are addressing issues in some very major proactive, innovative and successful ways.  These are the future pathways to managing the many and significant challenges facing communities throughout Aotearoa.

Environment:  The Trust recognises the importance of the Environment and support research, developing and promoting sustainable local economic development.

Text Box: Empowering Women