Rua & Clarrie Stevens
Charitable Trust

Est 1970

The greater part in us will never die’

Text Box: Trustees

Trustees Lee & Penny Stevens - Lee has been an integral part of the Trust since it was established in 1970 as a memorial to his mother Rua, whom Lee describes as “a vibrant and deeply compassionate lady of tremendous character and fun”.  With the passing of his father Clarrie in 1995 Lee has continued to honour the memory of both parents through the Trust, ensuring that their personal ideals and values are very much part of the philosophy of the Trust.

Trustee Alex Burt - Since his appointment as Trustee in 1994, Alex’s contribution to the Trust has been immense, particularly in totally restructuring the Trust’s investment base, which is principally Australian-based.  The Trust’s ability to fund its distributions to its family is largely due to Alex’s expertise as an Australian-based investment senior executive, member of the Australian Stock Exchange and Director of Business Development with a leading edge investment company.

“I have found it very rewarding to know that so many people have benefited from the grants which the trust has made to so many and varied beneficiaries.  I am honoured to continue my endeavours in the management of the Trusts investment portfolio and believe that it will continue to grow financially”, says Alex.

Mr Alex Burt

Lee & Penny Stevens

Penny Stevens has made an invaluable contribution to the Trust since meeting Lee.  Penny has devoted much of her time to supporting Lee and the Trust, working closely with the Trust family and injecting her passion and enthusiasm into the community.

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